Elim 2 v 1 ARYPT

After Elim crashed out of the quarter finals 4-1 to CLM, the Pentecostal Church faced ARYPT in there last home game of the season. Elim had won this away fixture 3-1 and beat AYRPT 2-0 in the cup and were looking for the trilogy of wins. ARYPT have had a tough season, with their only points in cup and league coming from HERC Saints.

Hughes and Baldwin named Ireland in goalfor the game, with a back three of Matewe, Reid and Baldwin. Kyreke was welcomed back into the squad taking on the wing back role, with Rhodes on the opposite side. Hughes, Clark and Jones sat in the middle with Smith pushed up top with Bennett. Kousoulas, Kirugi and Watkins made up the bench.

ARYPT got the game underway with much milder conditions than the quarter final week. It was the away team that started the brighter of the two sides and stretched Elim’s back three on a number of occasions. Elim tried to keep an organised line at the back, but sadly it would be another dirty sheet for the home side within the first ten minutes. The ball was played over Baldwin; the centre back looked for a flag that never came. Baldwin and Reid scampered back to block the shot but the striker turned and shot a rocket into the top corner. Ireland got finger tips to the ball, but not enough to tip over the bar. AYRPT scored the first goal against Elim last outing, but sadly for them conceded the next three. The away side knew next goal was crucial and almost had it 15 minutes in. A ball knocked on through the middle had the Elim backline at 6’s and 7’s but Ireland in a 4 on 1 situation showed heroics to keep the score line at 1-0 amd knock the ball out for a corner.

From the resulting corner, Reid cleared a number of crosses and Elim finally showed some fight from the 20th minute. Smith and Bennett, showed great chemistry unlocking the back line to equalise with Elim’s first real attack. Assist king Smith, played through Bennett for the striker to maintain a cool, calm shot in a trade mark Bennett goal for the strikers 11th of the season.The Striker had scored 4 of his 11 goals agaisnt ARYPT this season.

The score line didn’t stay level for long with Rhodes crossing in for Smith to sneak in between the defenders and hit a shot on target. Smith has an incredible record v ARYPT too scoringhis 5th goal against this opposition in four games. The striker doubled his tally for the season with both goals against.. yes you guessed it ARYPT.

With the dying moments of first half, Kyreke picked himself up from a knock to the face to be released on the right hand side. The young winger used his pace to burst into the box and hit a shot to sting the keepers palms and keep the score 2-1 until the break. Baldwin made a change on the half , taking himself off for Watkins. The formation remained the same, but Jones joined the back three and Watkins slotted into the midfield. The game was full of chances second half and both teams wanted that next crucial goal.

Watkins started to pull strings in the middle and released Bennett to be one on one with the defender for the ref to have adjudged a foul on the defender. The midfield kept looking to release Rhodes and the winger, got round his man for the Elim man to have been barged into for the ref again to give the free kick to the away side when on another day a penalty could have been awarded. Watkins was the next man to try and get on the score sheet but when he tried to chip the keeper failed to keep composure and ball drifted over. The sub mentioned it had been 2 years for his last goal and he would have to wait at least another three weeks for it now.

Elim pressure piled on and Smith would find Reid from a corner for the defender to connect a little to well with the ball, with the ball finding its way safely into the keeper’s hands. Bennett made way on 65th minute in a like for like swap with Kousoulas. Kousoulas having an odd statistic of scoring more goals against league 1 teams than 2 this season. The striker came off the bench full of energy. Kousoulas on a number of occasions broke through but couldn’t get that goal. The striker hit a fierce shot, which the keeper blocked, Smith went for the tap in but the keeper blocked again. The keeper was working hard for his team to pick up a point and almost got his rewards when a wicked ARYPT cross managed to connect with the bar a nd sail over. Baldwin and Hughes worrying the third goal wasn’t going to come took Hughes off for Kirugi and put the sub at right back. The home side changing things to a 4-5-1 for the last 12 minutes. The last attack was a bit of magic from Rhodes in the box to lose his man with neat foot work, stunning all around him and himself as the teenager failed to find the target.

The full time whistle blew and a 2-1 win for the home side. After the Elim’s players player vote congratulations to Aidan Rhodes on back to back awards. Elim’s next game is away to Holy Trinity on 13th April. One last thought.. Please all keep Beatrice in your prayers, who does a lot for Christian football and we all hope everything goes well at the hospital tomorrow.

Christ the King 2 v 4 Elim PFC

After a damaging defeat by HERC Saints 5 weeks ago, Elim had their first away trip of 2019 to Bablake Playing Fields to play Christ the King. With Christ the King a new addition to the league, the only history of this fixture was a 3-1 win to Christ the king earlier this campaign. Christ the King went into this fixture optimistic being the only team in division 2 to take points from CLM (at the point of this fixture).

Hughes and Baldwin made 4 changes to the team that lost 4-1 at Memorial park. The Elim team went back to their favoured 3-5-2 formation. Ireland was back in nets hoping for a quieter fixture this time. Baldwin, Reid and Matewe were today’s back line. The 5 in the middle from left to right where Smith, Jones, Hughes, Clark and Elim were proud to announce the return of Aidan Rhodes. The top two remained the same with Bennett and Kousoulas the attacking options. Elim could only name two subs on the bench with Zaheer and Kyreke.

After a bit of drama with the Elim team finding the location and finding each other, the game kicked off on time. Elim started the brighter of the two sides, keeping the ball well with short controlled passes. The possession dominance, was not taking advantage off within the early stages of the game. Elim were getting into excellent areas, but failing to connect where it matters in the final third. Clark kept cool heads in the middle, with the Captain, Hughes and Jones looking for killer balls to get that vital assist. Kousoulas had a couple of chances mid-way through the first half, but failed to connect with the ball as well as he would have wanted.

It was on the 30 minute mark, Elim were awarded a corner and they would finally make their dominance count. Smith crossed the ball into the 6 yard zone for the keeper to claw at it to enter into a melee in the box. Before Christ the King could react, the gaffer Hughes hit a fierce unstoppable shot beyond the keeper. Elim led 1-0 and Hughes had recorded his first ever Elim goal. The goal rattled the Christ the King back line and within minutes Kousoulas and Bennett had forced an error with a back pass. Bennett doesn’t need an invite to attend the goal scoring party and the experienced attacker slotted in he’s 9th goal of the season. 2-0 Elim!!

35 minutes on the clock and Elim wanted blood, Smith crossed in for another corner for Reid to lose his man back post to fail to find the target. Smith stopped being provider to have a dig from 30 yards for the keeper to pull off a world class save and knock the ball onto the post and wide for a corner. After wave and wave of pressure, Elim had not kept a clean sheet in 8 games. Sadly Elim couldn’t keep the ball out the net this game either, making it 9 games without that clean sheet. The ball played over the Elim back line, the back line seen a flag which was over ruled by the referee. Instead of the back three playing to the whistle, they switched off and were punished in a cruel way. Even an Ireland save could not prevent the ball eventually ending in the back net. The half time whistle came and Elim took a 2-1 lead into the break.

Both teams went into the second half with a spring in their steps, knowing the 4th goal was crucial. Kousoulas had further chances to add to he’s Mosaic goal but despite finding space could not and would not find the net today. The game started to get a bit scrappy and broken up with both teams making silly fouls to stop momentum. Rhodes and Smith swapped wings alternatively, but after not playing for Elim since the semi-final summer competition. Rhodes was the first Elim player to be applauded off, the young teenager made an inspirational return running himself into the ground. Kyreke was the man to replace him and add some pace onto the right wing. Sadly the Elim sub was quickly overshadowed with a Christ the King equaliser. Desmond scoreline. The ball was crossed in beyond the backline and the winger lost Kyreke to slot beyond Ireland. Game on!!

18 minutes on the clock, both teams knew a loss would see their promotion dreams over. Hughes sacrificed himself for another teenager Zaheer keeping faith in the formation. Zaheer slotted in well and battled to break up play in the middle. Despite momentum being with the home side it was Jones who would put Elim back in front. Jones, being a massive Jordan Henderson fan decided to shoot like the Liverpool midfielder. The ball was not hit pretty but somehow found a space through the keeper and into the net. Jones ran off celebrating with the Christ the King keeper looking to the sky knowing this was not a goal of the season contender but could be a vital goal for promotion.

If that wasn’t enough torture for the keeper, Elim exploited their big man at the back tactic. Smith swung in another corner for Reid to calmly head the ball into the top corner and bring the points back home with the Pentecostal Church. Matewe, Baldwin and Reid locked down the back line for the remaining minutes with Smith, Kyreke and Zaheer all protecting Ireland.

Elim got a pretty win under their belts scoring 4 goals on their travels and a very close to perfect performance and win a vital 6 points to give a glimmer of hope for promotion. Jones was today’s player player and won the man of the match award for a 4th consecutive row the same amount of times Bennett has won the award in a row. Elim next turn their attention to CLM in back to back games in the league and cup throughout March. The next two games make or break the team’s season, but Elim don’t like doing things easy do they??

Herc Saints 1-3 Holy Trinity. Match report

Trinity were looking to do the double over Herc saints after winning the home fixture 3-2, with the game taking place at the war memorial park. With some notable absentees Trinity used their squad depth to produce a brilliant defense of Shins, Ben, Tom and Aman that held a clean sheet for the first half.

The first half was in the favour of Herc saints who held the ball well and played some good passes, however with little shots on goal of note and Trinity finding it hard to get a rhythm of play going. The Herc saints players were ‘giving it the big one’ and thought we wouldn’t have much to offer in the second half.

Not the case as 5 a side Steve picks up the ball and plays it to West on the left hand side who offers up a high flying brilliant looping longshot over the keeper to open the scoring, slipping mid shot maybe took some of the gloss off the finish, but a great goal none the less to open the scoring.

Herc Saints then level the scoring with the striker finding the top corner after the ball broke to him and a nice finish with the pressure of the players around him. The ‘tinkerman’ Ben Foster was tinkering with the formation well throughout the game to change the dynamic once more to keep them guessing.

Trinity then go 2-1 as Nathan gets subbed onto the right hand side who plays it to Mayne and he sends a longshot spinning away from the keeper into the corner, “anything you can do..” he says to west as the game resumes.

5 a side Steve then completes the hatrick of longshots drilling it low into the corner first time, “anything you can do..” he says to myself and west. Which makes it 1-3 with 3 goals outside the 18 yard box, maybe Aman wearing his brazilian flip flops on the day did something to inspire the longshots, who knows?

What I do know though is Holy Trinity continue their push for promotion and have a cup semi final soon. Not a bad season I’d say.

St John Fisher 1 – 1 QRBC (Wanderers)

Let’s be honest, this season has not been a great one for QRBC. The use of (brackets) in match results is usually a sign of a bad beating for someone, and this year those beatings have been dished mainly against them. And when we say mainly…

However, despite this gulf in scorelines (and often the number of players on the pitch) the team spirit has been admirable, perhaps in the knowledge that if we could consistently get 11 players on the pitch, then things could only get better. This finally came to pass on Saturday 9th February. Could they stop the rot?

The game had been postponed the previous weekend due to a frozen pitch, which had been replaced by a stiff breeze. Was this an omen? Would the winds of change sweep across Whitley Common and whip up a much needed result? Or would they once again be blown away?

After his colossal game against Hope (despite the scoreline), Mike Clougher nonchalantly wondered onto the park at 10.29am, laced up his gloves and was ready to repel yet again. The early signs were promising with the opening 20 minutes very even, as both sides fought against the elements. Gradually though the home side were starting to threaten and after a couple of missed opportunities, took the lead after about 1/2 an hour. A corner blew around the box and was forced in from close range. Both sides defences were not for breaching for the rest of the half, although Fisher were denied by the post late on, as they seeked to press home the advantage.

The second half continued in a similar vein with neither team really creating too much, until a frantic last 25 minutes, when after solid defensive work, a couple of quick passes through midfield sent Fuji through on goal; a calm finish and we were all square.

Both sides will consider themselves unlucky not to have gone on to win the game with Fisher twice having goals ruled out, whilst at the other end, Wanderers somehow manged to contrive to miss a couple of excellent chances to sneak the points.

As the final whistle blew, the Wanderers players were actually slightly disappointed not to have won the game. However, given the context of the season, a point could have been celebrated like a cup final victory.

I believe it was Evel Knievel who once said “I love the feeling of fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair”: Whitley Common had felt like jumping the Grand Canyon. And we’d made it.
(Although actually “Evel” never even attempted it, and his real name was Craig).

Holy Trinity 4-2 Mosaic Match report

With both teams looking to advance to the semi final of the cup, Trinity were up against Mosaic at home in a game that had everything a great cup tie should have, goals, excitement and entertainment. Maybe even an upset also as some people would call it?

The first half slightly favoured Mosaic as they go in front with a ball in behind the defence and finished well. A half that was well contested by both teams but the major juicy events happened in the second half so I’ll get into that right away.

Mosaic were given a penalty pretty much straight away into the second half from a tackle from skipper Nutting which he thought was a clean tackle, the taker must’ve been a spurs fan as he went on to blaze it wide Eric Dier style. Trinity then got a penalty of their own as Smith ran in behind Jamie Vardy style and was brought down by their keeper. ‘Electric pace’ Westwood then went on to convert the penalty emphatically.

Trinity then go 2-1 up as the high pressing leads to a mistake from the Mosaic keeper who rushes a clearence from the left side of his 18 yard box which goes straight to Mayne on the left hand side and sends a long low shot in before he can get get back in goal. Moasic then make it 2-2 with a well placed low driven shot.

Despite conceding two goals this was one of the best defensive performances i’ve seen from Trinity all season, with Foster putting everything including his head on the line for the defense, in particular preventing a certain goal on the line. Most shots that got past the back four were met by Wallen who produced some top saves at important times in the game, commanded his area well with brilliant kicking and sweeper keeper work and even managed to assist our penalty.

Trinity then go 3-2 up from what I have to say might be a contenter for goal of the season from the sub of the season Gaz. Who recieved the ball on the left hand side of the area and sent an unstoppable effort high into the top right corner of the net, a cultured finish which will have him knocking on the managers door to start the next game.

Trinity then finish the cup tie going 4-2 up from Smith on the shoulder of the last defender looking to again use his pace to get in behind as Mosaic push up to get an equaliser and with another Jamie Vardy style run in behind he takes it past the keeper and finishes at an acute angle to end the game.



Athletico Mosaic 0 – 1 BEC

It was slightly drizzling when both teams made their way out onto the pitch on Saturday morning; perfect conditions for what would prove to be a fantastic battle.

The game started with both teams gingerly testing each other’s defenses, both teams appearing cautious to over extend before it became apparent on the other’s formation. No clear chances came in the first 10 minutes with BEC looking to press through the middle, using their height and strength to muscle through, only to run into the stalwart Mosaic back line, and Mosaic looking to break away quickly up the flanks, using the pace of the wingers to push up the sides of the pitch only to be turned back inwards by the full-backs in blue.

The first good chance of the game came to Mosaic as BEC won a corner after a clearance by a Mosaic defender. The ball was whipped in dangerously but could not find it’s intended target and was cleared first time by the Mosaic center-back Tom Murphy. The ball fell to the Mosaic captain and playmaker Gurpreet Johal who played a first time through ball in between the BEC defenders releasing the defending league champions’ top goal scorer Jack Kovacs one on one with the goalkeeper. The goal keeper did not hesitate and rushed off his line to close down the angle making the striker rush his shot which narrowly missed the left post.

BEC had another opportunity to get the ball in front of goal not long after this in the form of a long throw in (a trademark BEC maneuver it seems!). Again, the bulk of the Mosaic pack dropped back in to the box to defend. This time however the ball found a BEC player in the box who managed to get his shot away which was blocked by a body in the way (was he wearing red or blue? Who knows!) and the ball fell kindly for the goalkeeper to collect.

Shortly before half time BEC had the best chance of the game yet as one of their midfielders muscled his way through and played a cunning pass through onto the edge of the box. As it had happened at the other end not long before, the Mosaic goalkeeper rushed off his line and slid to the ground in what can only be described as a 50/50 challenge with the BEC striker and the ball shot out for a throw in. Cries for a penalty were heard, but not by the referee who wasn’t interested.

Both teams headed in to half time 0-0.

The second half kicked off and the game resumed right where it had left off with BEC forcing pressure on to the Mosaic defense, which was well defended, and then Mosaic pressed the counter attack. It was clear within the first few minutes that this was going to be a game won by one goal and both managers started to adjust formations and look to the bench.

BEC made the first move bringing on a young agile winger, a clear change to their current battle plan. Mosaic instantly countered by pushing one of their own wingers up top and dropping assistant manager onto the wing to help cover this new threat.

Both teams continued to battle, every player on the pitch giving everything to stop the other team from scoring. Eventually (around the 80 minute mark), it became apparent that BEC were beginning to tire from the relentless backward and forward nature of the game and Mosaic looked to capitalize on this with a final substitution in the form of Scott Bethell, full time full-back, part time center back and occasional Ronaldo-esque left mid!

He picked up the ball on the left wing and started his run up the BEC flank. He took on the BEC right back with a deft flick of his heel, and forced one of the big center backs to come out to meet him. Again he parried the pressure with a twist and a turn and found himself on the left edge of the box with little support from his team mates on offer. He stooped, he swung his leg high and powered a shot toward the top right corner of the goal…and the keeper got there! His glove slapped the ball off its trajectory only to fall at the feet of the Mosaic right winger. He hit it first time from 5 yards out and the keeper made the save of the game getting up and throwing himself in front of the ball again. What a way to start his Mosaic career that would have been, but sadly not to be the case. The BEC bench and managerial team’s brief look of dismay turned into celebration as their goalkeeper stood up with the ball firmly in his hands.

With 90 minutes now gone both teams continued to look for the goal that they had known all along would win the game. Mosaic pressed up the pitch again desperately trying to break the deadlock. The BEC players weathered the storm and managed to break away with a perfectly timed pass releasing their winger just as the center backs stepped forward in an attempt to trap him offside. The two center backs did well to get back and block the player’s shot, but he had already seen a blue shirt streaming in on the edge of the box, laying it into his path and he hammered it first time doing well to get his body over the ball and smash the ball through the back of the net. An excellent finish to an excellent game.

With the final whistle blowing and BEC winning the fixture 1-0, the title race is still on the cards for the current cup champions, but for the defending league champions the threat of relegation looms..

Lowfors 8-0 St John Fishers

A frosty morning welcomed both teams back from their Christmas break this Saturday as Lowfors welcomed St John Fishers to Keresley in what was to be a game packed with action.

As the game kicked off, Fishers looked the team most likely to score as they had the best of the ball retention early on and managed to create a couple of early chances, bringing a couple of corners in the first 10 minutes an opportunity to put the ball in the Lowfors box. However, it was the beginning of a defensive story unfolding which ended much happier for the Lowfors’ defence than Fishers’ attack.

Despite this early pressure, it was Lowfors who opened the scoring. Heavy pressure from a long throw and then corner from the right, forced SJF into conceding another throw-in on the left and as Kavanagh launched another missile into the box, Matt Stevens rose highest to detonate it; sending the ball in at the back post. 1-0 Lowfors.

Before long, Lowfors were on the attack again, this time forcing a free kick out on the left 35 yards from goal. Unfortunately, for Fishers it was a similar story as Rich Gould picked out the towering captain Martyn Clarke, who gratefully nodded home. 2-0 and Lowfors in the ascendancy.

Fishers were now looking downtrodden and heads dropped. As they searched for a reply, Lowfors raised the pressure and once again found joy down the left. Lyndon Capewell beat his man and whipped a dangerous low ball in from the left. The Fishers’ defence could do nothing but deflect it into the path of oncoming striker Kev Kavanagh who wasn’t going to let such a gift go a miss and took a touch inside the box before driving a low strike in to the bottom left corner; the keeper only able to get fingertips on the ball as it passed into his net.

And with that, it was Half Time. Lowfors going in to the break comfortably ahead and Fishers rueing their early missed chances.

As the second half began you might have expected Fishers to fly out of the box, but Lowfors were on the crest of a wave and after 5 short minutes they were finding the net again.

Another throw-in from the left, gave Kavanagh chance to pick Clarkey out in the 6 yard box, who duly flicked the ball to the back post where once again Matt Stevens awaited and just as in the first half, dispatched the ball into the net. 4-0!

Soon after, Lowfors again worked the ball down the left and once again Lyndon Capewell whipped a delightful ball in from the left. Confusion at the back saw the centre half leave the ball for the goalkeeper, only for veteran Steve Crowter to sniff out an opportunity and nick in front of the keeper to poke one home. 5-0!

Lowfors began to roam the pitch with a sense of invincibility and unfortunately for Fishers this game was now wholly one-sided. The Lowfors defence; Clarkey, Matt Stevens, Joel at left back and Gudge at right back were simply inpenetrable, forcing Fishers to shoot from distance at a greateful Goughy in goal who, besides an unbelievable point blank save in the first half, had had very little to do. The Lowfors central midfield of Gould and John Barnes were completely dominant, despite Fishers now playing 3 in the middle with them. And as they fed Kavanagh in the No.10 role, who’d been a thorn in Fishers’ side all morning, he ran at the defence until they could do nothing but bring him down 25 yards out. As you’ll see in the picture above, he casually sent the ball into the top right corner of the net. 6-0!

It was now chance after chance for Lowfors with the next goal only being a matter of time and when the ball was fed into Barnesy from the left he took a touch out of his feet and not to be outdone by Kavanagh, picked the top right corner out again to make it 7-0! Unbelievable stuff.

Lowfors were systematically putting Fishers to the sword and as Kavanagh picked up the ball in space; he surged through the Fishers defence again, this time from the left, ghosting past 2 players, before smashing the ball home to make it 8 – and complete his 2nd hat-trick in consecutive games. 8-0 and it didn’t flatter Lowfors.

This is one for the Lowfors faithful to remember and one St John Fishers will certainly want to forget. Lowfors 8-0 Fishers.

Elim PFC 1 v 4 Herc Saints

2019 did not start the way Elim fans would have wanted, suffering a damaging defeat to their promotion hopes. Elim hosted the first game of the year against the Saints, ending the trilogy of fixtures for the season. Opening day seen Elim run out 2-0 winners, the cup game ended in a stalemate but Saints were the winners on this occasion sending a message to the league and hoping they could climb away from bottom club ARYPT.

Hughes and Baldwin had a nightmare with selection, only having enough players for an 11. Elim’s number 1 Ryan Ireland was back in goal for the Pentecostal church after McCann had suffered a broken ankle in the Coventrians game. Titman made his first start of the season at left back, whilst Reid and Jones occupied the middle and Baldwin was swapped from left to right back. Elim kept the 5 man midfield, Smith maintaining his place on the left wing, with Zaheer making his second start of the season was thrown into the middle with Captain Moroney and Manger Hughes. Kirugi was positioned on the right wing with Elim’s leading scorer Bennett left up top in a 4-5-1 formation.

The visitors kicked off the game, showing growing confidence they wanted to add to their last win against ARYPT on September 8th. The passing play for both teams showed there was a little rust and a few too many mince pies over Christmas. Saints knocked the ball round well, trying to exploit the wings whilst Elim still seemed on their Christmas break for the first ten minutes. Despite the Saints pressure Elim almost opened the scoring when, Moroney picked out Smith on the wing. Elim’s top scorer last season, beat the full back and had a choice to shoot or square to Bennett. Smith confidently took the shot on, missing the target by inches, Elim hands were on heads. Saints punished Elim on the 25th minute for missing this chance. Bennett passed the ball back to Ireland at the back, the ball took a bobble through making it hard to control leading to a corner. Elim their own worst enemy failed to win first or second headers leading to the ball being headed into their nets and out the reach of Ireland and beyond Titman on the post. Saints searched for a second and Tom was given a late Christmas gift to head into an empty net, but somehow handled the cross with his hand wide.

Despite the setback, Ireland was the busier keeper for the remaining 20 minutes of the half making several great saves to keep the score respectful. Elim struggled for the half and the ball was often punted forward long for Bennett to pick up scraps. Elim were handed another blow, with no subs to call on, Smith took a knock in the back and had to soldier on from the 40th minute until the end. The half time whistle came and the Elim team went in knowing the ball was not held well and possession often gifted back to the opponents for wave after wave of attacks.

Teams switched ends for the second half and Saints broke Elim hearts on 60th minute. The back line stepped up, for a Saints player to have adjudged to be onside. Elim players confidently looked for the flag were as Saints looked for a second goal to secure their second away win of the season.

Elim battered and brusised were given a life line when Smith crossed in for the ball to be headed out. The ball only fell to Jones, for the Centre back to hit a fierce shot, taking a nick through to nestle into the bottom corner making it three in three for the centre back. The Centre back is known for scoring some quality goals over the years and this is definitely a contender for goal of the season. Elim heads picked up and finally started to through the kitchen sink at Saints. Baldwin picked up the ball, playing a one two with Hughes. Baldwin losing his man whipped a ball in for the centre back to take the full back out in the box after the ball went. All Elim eyes were on the ref, but the ref wasn’t convinced there was contact.

Nerves started to sink in at the back for Saints and Baldwin again nicked the ball at the back to rush towards the goal and be brought down by the defender. This time the ref was convinced there was contact and blew for a free kick 20 yards out. Frustration from both teams started to kick in and heated words exchanged. Smith was the man to take this opportunity on. Smith stepped up, striking the ball over the keepers net and gutted he couldn’t get the leveller. Saints ended the game with 10 minutes to go scoring two goals in as many minutes. Kirugi got caught flat footed for the winger to pick his pocket and pick the top right corner. Then from kick off a heavy touch from Jones led to Saints driving forward and putting the 4th and final goal in the game. Ireland did well saving well with his legs, to stop a 5th going in but Saints proved they are not in the league to make up numbers. The full time whistle was blown to end a miserable day for the greens.

Today’s result was a massive dent in the promotion hopes for Elim with Trinity and Coventrians picking up wins, leaving Elim 4th in the league. Mark Jones picked up Elim’s man of the match, congratulations Jonesy for the third game on the bounce. Bennett currently holds this record for man of the match 4 games in a row so he will be sweating on this stat. Elim are back on the training ground tomorrow, with full focus on CLM and trying to do what no one else has does beat the leaders in division 2.

Prayers are also with George from Mosaic after his accident before their game on the weekend. We pray for a speedy recovery and hopefully see you playing fit and well very soon.

Arypt 1-3 Holy Trinity Match Report

Trinitys first game of 2019 took place at their old stomping ground which the original ‘OGs’ of trinity will remember (with mixed emotions), Whitley common, with hopes of continuing a potentially promotional seasons form as they took on Arypt.

An early goalmouth scramble at Arypts end let to the quesion of should goal line technology be brought into a church league? Then again both teams did have a red kit on at kick off so maybe that first.  The pitch wasn’t really the carpet Trinity were used to so a few miss placed passes were going to happen.

Arypt were knocking the ball around well early doors, however those early doors were knocked off thier hindges as Smith swung in a corner from the right hand side with Mayne heading it into Nutting and then into the net, what he knew about the situation is debatable, but it’s another goal for the centre half turned left back in a brilliant season.

Trinity then go into the break a goal up and none conceded with good defensive work, i’m sure the defenders and Wallen in goal thought a clean sheet was on the cards boosting their team fantasy points.

Trinity go into the second half with some good passing moves from the likes of West, Pike and Taft. Also with Victor tearing up the right hand side with pace and power dribble runs. It was however another corner that put Trinity 2-0 up using their size and height advantage over Arypt with Smith swinging in another peach of a corner and Mayne heading in from close range. Bishop also came close with a glancing header chance that went narrowly wide.

Nutting then sends a cross in from the left hand side which was headed in at range into the bottom corner by Mayne, making up for the header he missed earlier which was an easier chance.

Trinity came very close to the illusive clean sheet however Arypt send in a late consolation reply to make it 1-3 to Trinity at full time.