End Of Season Tournament and Recognition.

Played at the Powerleague, 11 teams took part in this years 7 a side event.  Prior to it beginning, awards were given to the various teams and individuals for their particular achievements.  They were as follows.
Division 1 Champions AFC Hope
Division 2 Champions CLM
Division 1 Golden Boot Martin Gormley AFC Hope and Jack Kovacs Athletico Mosaic 
Division 2 Golden Boot Kirk Richens Coventrians
Fairplay Queens Road Wanderers
The winner of Leicester Cup, AFC Hope and Coventry Cup, Meredith Road had received their trophies and medals on the day of their respective finals.
Thanks and recognition was also given to Mark Sephton, the League Chairman, who has decided to step down after 3 seasons in charge.  He was presented with a card signed by the managers plus a gift card.
The tournament began, with 1 group of 6 and another of 5, with the top 2 from each going into the semi final.  Qualifying from Group A were BEC and St John Fisher and from Group B were Coventrians and AFC Hope.  
The winners of these 2 games were SJF and Hope.  A very competitive final ended with having to have a penalty shoot out.  Each side missed 1 of their first 5 penalties which led to sudden death.  Hope scored, but SJF missed which meant a hat trick of trophies for them.