Herc Saints 1-3 Holy Trinity. Match report

Trinity were looking to do the double over Herc saints after winning the home fixture 3-2, with the game taking place at the war memorial park. With someĀ notable absentees Trinity used their squad depth to produce a brilliant defense of Shins, Ben, Tom and Aman that held a clean sheet for the first half.

The first half was in the favour of Herc saints who held the ball well and played some good passes, however with little shots on goal of note and Trinity finding it hard to get a rhythm of play going. The Herc saints players were ‘giving it the big one’ and thought we wouldn’t have much to offer in the second half.

Not the case as 5 a side Steve picks up the ball and plays it to West on the left hand side who offers up a high flying brilliant looping longshot over the keeper to open the scoring, slipping mid shot maybe took some of the gloss off the finish, but a great goal none the less to open the scoring.

Herc Saints then level the scoring with the striker finding the top corner after the ball broke to him and a nice finish with the pressure of the players around him. The ‘tinkerman’ Ben Foster was tinkering with the formation well throughout the game to change the dynamic once more to keep them guessing.

Trinity then go 2-1 as Nathan gets subbed onto the right hand side who plays it to Mayne and he sends a longshot spinning away from the keeper into the corner, “anything you can do..” he says to west as the game resumes.

5 a side Steve then completes the hatrick of longshots drilling it low into the corner first time, “anything you can do..” he says to myself and west. Which makes it 1-3 with 3 goals outside the 18 yard box, maybe Aman wearing hisĀ brazilian flip flops on the day did something to inspire the longshots, who knows?

What I do know though is Holy Trinity continue their push for promotion and have a cup semi final soon. Not a bad season I’d say.